These classes are so much fun! You don't need to have any dance experience, you just need a love of moving and good music. This is a class for you as the parent or carer to have some fun, get a little exercise and release those endorphins! You’ll also meet some other parents so it’s a great way to build community. It's a wonderful bonding time with your baby as they snuggle up close to you in their carrier. They often fall asleep to the rhythm and beat of your movements so it's great for nap time. I teach you simple dance sequences that are easy to learn and generally we just have a really good time. The age of your baby can vary from newborn to toddler - 1 year olds or bigger babies can even go on your back in a backpack style carrier. Front carried babies need to be chest to chest with you. 



  • endorphins!

  • gentle exercise

  • bond with baby

  • laugh and have fun

  • connect with other parents

  • improve mental health


$15 casual